The format of the new season is approved

The playoff stage is back.
The regulations for the new season of the Belarusian championship have been approved. As in the previous year, six teams will play in Division 1:

Meshkov Brest
Masheka Mogilev
Kronon Grodno

At the first stage, a 20-round tournament will be held, which starts approximately on September 7-10.

At the second stage, the playoff round will begin. According to the results of the regular season, the first and second teams will go directly to the semi-finals. The rest will start from the quarterfinals: the third - from the sixth, the fourth - from the fifth. The winners will advance to the semi-finals, the losers will play for 5th-6th places.

The winners of the semi-finals will compete for the main trophy. The losers will fight for 3-4 places.

All series at the playoff stage will go up to three wins. The first and fourth matches will take place on the floor of the club with a lower rating based on the results of the regular season. Second, third and fifth - the club with a higher rating.

In case of a draw in any of the playoff matches, extra time is assigned: two halves of 5 minutes. If it does not reveal the winner, everything will be decided in a series of post-match seven-meter shots.

Six teams will also play in division 2, staffed by handball players not older than 20 years old: SKA-Uni, RGUOR-2006, COR-BGK, RCOR, Gomel-2 and Masheka-2. They will hold a classic 30-round tournament.

The format of the Cup of Belarus does not change. Meshkov Brest and SKA will play immediately in the Final Four and will be split into different pairs on the first day. The other two participants will be determined in the first round based on the results of two-legged confrontations.

Before the start of the championship, it is planned to hold the country´s Super Cup. The detailed format has not yet been determined.

There is no limit on foreign players in the Belarusian championship. Only one player transfer is allowed within the championship. The transfer window for transfers and additional applications is until February 14, 2023. However, there remains the possibility of admission outside the transfer window of candidates for the national team.

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