Meshkov Brest - Elverum Handball: press conference


Borge Lund (Elverum Handball):

- I would like to thank our opponent for an intense match. We showed a good game from the very beginning. Brest had an excellent period in the second half. Nevertheless, we were able to keep the advantage. This is not an easy victory, as the statistics confirms.

Emil Kheri Imsgard (Elverum Handball):

- First of all, I want to thank Brest for an interesting match. It´s not easy to play here. This is one of the toughest arenas in the Champions League. But we were able to show our best sides. We started very well. We controlled the game in the first half. In the second, we also started well, but then lost concentration. And Brest almost tied the game. I have to thank Thorsten Fries, who was an excellent substitute for me. He made some important saves. We are very happy to take two points here.

Daniel Gordo (Meshkov Brest):

- Congratulations to our opponent on the victory. We could count on victory. We played well in defense, the goalkeeper helped us. Pesic played the whole match today. We haven´t changed the goalkeeper for the first time in the current Champions League. But we had a huge number of mistakes at important moments of the match. This ruined all our plans. It was the number of errors that determined the result. We need to think carefully about this game. Now is the time to reboot, recover physically and mentally.

Viachaslau Shumak (Meshkov Brest):

- We were very well prepared. We knew all the strengths of the opponent. But we made stupid losses in the attack and had a very low realization of one hundred percent chances. Congratulations Pesic on the returning. He helped us a lot. I hope that in the next matches we will improve the realization and will be able to score the first points.


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