Meshkov Brest TV is among the best in the CIS!

MarSpo Awards, the largest sports marketing award in Russia and the CIS countries, was held this week - for the first time in an online format due to a pandemic.

According to the results of the qualifying stage, Meshkov’s YouTube channel became one of the finalists in the nomination “Best Club TV Performance”. Such major players on the Russian market as UFC Russia, FC Lokomotiv (Moscow), FC Baltika (Kaliningrad) and Sellout Sport Project, which releases content for the Zenit-Kazan volleyball club, also made it to the finals. Despite the highest level of rivals, after an online defense of the project, one of the jury members, managing director of championat.com portal Anton Suchkov very flattering spoke about the Belarusian bid: “The guys from Meshkov Brest pleasantly surprised their enthusiasm and creativity when working with the not so popular sport in Belarus. A healthy sense of self-irony, original formats and a high level of production prove that handball can be shown interestingly”.

As a result, the jury awarded the second place to the club television of HC Meshkov Brest (the first went to UFC Russian). Jury appreciated БГК ТВ, БГК DRIVE, “Знать не знал”, transfer and image videos and other projects! Thus, our YouTube channel is now not only the most popular among all post-Soviet handball clubs, but also one of the best among all sports video projects in Russia and the CIS countries! Subscribe, like and stay with us - next season will be even better!

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Help: MarSpo Awards is an annual professional award for sports clubs, federations, leagues, brands and agencies that use sports marketing tools most effectively in their activities.

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