Meshkov Brest received a prize from Forum Club Handball

Forum Club Handball (FCH) represents the top European handball clubs. The FCH represents the interests of the clubs towards the European Handball Federation (EHF), the International Handball Federation (IHF), the European Union and others. Changing members are the top 28 teams of the EHF Champions League, the top 32 teams of the EHF Cup, the top 16 teams of the EHF Challenge Cup and all national champions.

This year, the FCH held a large-scale competition as part of the clubs development program and presented twenty awards in five categories. The application of our club along with representatives of Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and Slovenia took the main prize and cash prize in the category "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR project). The European jury praised the project of HC Meshkov Brest - children´s handball league ZUBR Cup - as an example of a successful partnership between the club and society.

ZUBR Cup modestly started with 16 teams and 200 young handball players in 2017. And in just a few years has grown to a huge league. The number of teams has increased five times, the number of handball players - almost eight. The numbers are really impressive: 78 teams , 1,500 children. In addition to the competitions, Meshkov Brest organizes for young athletes watching matches of the Champions League, SEHA Gazprom League, the national championship, conducts master classes with the participation of European handball stars and tours of the cities of Belarus. A cultural and educational program is a prerequisite for ZUBR Cup. Because it is not just a sport, but also an important social project, which is now well known and appreciated in Europe!

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