Meshkov Brest will have two games in one day on October 3


Meshkov Brest will have two games in one day on October 3rd. Part of the team together with the Meshkov Brest-2 players will go to Serbia and will play with Metaloplastika (18:15) in SEHA Gazprom League. They will be led by the coaching staff of Andrei Mochalov (head coach of Meshkov Brest-2). He has 14 handball players at his disposal:

goalkeepers - Ivan Matskevich (N12), Aliaksey Babko (N36);

left back - Anton Kalistau (N99);

right back - Yahor Budzeika (N4);

playmakers - Alexander Bachko (N10), Sandro Obranovic (N34), Valentsin Silko (N98);

left wing - Ilya Tamashuk (N76);

right wing - Danila Viarheichyk (N25), Mikita Vailupau (N55);

pivot - Branko Kankaras (N5), Daniel Andreev (N11), Mikhail Piliuk (N30), Dzmitry Datchuk (N32).

The same squad will go from Serbia to Hungary, where will fight with Veszprem on October 5.

Andrey MOCHALOV (head coach of BGK-2):

- We already have the experience of two matches in one day. We did not know how this would happen last year, but now we have a complete picture. We are thinking only about positive results. I think, despite the separation, both of our teams are very combat-ready. We understand it will not be easy - with Metaloplastika, and even more so with Veszprem. But we tune in to battle and victory.

The rest of the squad under the leadership of Raul Alonso will play at home with Gomel on October 3rd. This match was scheduled for October 6, but it was moved to 3rd. 12 handball players are preparing for the game.

goalkeepers - Ivan Pesic (N1), Ilija Usik (N21);

left back - Alexander Shkurinskiy (N9), William Accambray (N20);

playmakers - Artiom Kulak (N7), Jaka Malus (N66);

left wing - Andrei Yurynok (N14), Simon Razgor (N31);

pivot - Viachaslau Shumak (N22), Artiom Selviasiuk (N42);

right wing - Maksim Baranau (N24), Darko Djukic (N45).

The usual squad of the Meshkov Brest will reunite at the start of next week. Team will host Eurofarm on October 8. Start at 18:15. TICKETS.

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